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grand opening sale

For our grand opening, we are having a sale that you don’t want to miss because our dolls will not be discounted this much for a long time!!  In fact, everything in the shop is 20% off!  Just use the coupon code: “LAUNCH” in the checkout process and enjoy your 20% discount!  The sale will be on through the rest of January so hurry!


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We are super excited to announce the launch of and introducing our Expressions Doll™ Collection to all of you!!  Expressions Dolls™ are the world’s first handmade cloth dolls that have changeable eyes and mouths to show different feelings, moods, and facial expressions.  Their large animated eyes and mouth exaggerate their expressions for extra loud fun! Our vibrant dolls are going to be children’s best friends because they can express their own feelings through them as well as creating wonderful stories with their imagination!

The Possibilities of Expressions Dolls™ | Jessica Dolls™

Expressions Dolls™ come in 16″ and 12″ in length with removable skirts for some fashion fun.  The 16″ dolls also have removable shoes while 12″ dolls’ shoes are sewn-on.  Each of these dolls will come with two pairs of eyes and two kinds of mouths which makes at least 12 different facial expressions!  They also come with a sewn-on backpack to store the pair of eyes and mouth not in use.

"Jessica" | Jessica Dolls™ "Jessica" | Jessica Dolls™

We have made-to-order and ready-to-ship Expressions Dolls™, both of which have their own benefits.  Ready-to-ship dolls are already made so they will ship out fast, priced lower, but they all come with the same 2 pair of eyes (standard and closed eyes) and 2 mouths (pink smiley lips and open mouth).  Made-to-order dolls are customizable where you can choose skin tone, hair color, 2 pairs of eyes, and 2 kinds of mouth from our entire collection but they will take longer to ship.  However you choose, our Expressions Dolls™ will provide hours of fun and playtime, while also being educational for children to learn more about feelings, emotions and understanding them.  Because these dolls have removable small parts, we recommend them for children age 3 and up.

We are also excited to introduce to you our Cutie Dolls™ Collection which are 8″ dolls that come in twos with each one having a different facial expression hand embroidered on it!  The Cutie Dolls™ do not have any removable parts on them, so they are appropriate for all ages and little ones can start learning about facial expressions at an early age.  Perfect for little hands, these would make great pals for your little ones!  As always, adult supervision is advocated for all young children during playtime.

Because all our dolls are carefully handmade, they are truly one-of-a-kind in every way!  Many hours go into each of these dolls as every detail is meticulously sewn with utmost attention.  You can be sure these dolls are much loved before they leave our studio to their new homes!

We are at the beginning of something special for the doll industry and we cannot wait to see the fun on your children’s faces!

Come explore our Expressions Dolls™ and Cutie Dolls™ Collections here at our Shop or read about all the details on the FAQ page!  We are having a Grand Opening Sale, use coupon code: “LAUNCH” for 20% off everything, which will only last through end of January, 2015!

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press release




Jessica Dolls™ Launches World’s First Expressions Dolls™

New online shop offering handmade cloth dolls with changeable facial expressions.

PEORIA, AZ, January 15, 2015 – Jessica Dolls LLC opened its doors today by launching its online shop offering world’s first ever handmade cloth dolls with changeable eyes and mouth: the Expressions Dolls™ Collection. With this new line of fabric dolls, children are now able to make different facial expressions with their dolls. From happy, sad, excited, to scared, the company offers a whole line of different types of eyes and mouths to choose from to create just the right feeling or mood on the dolls.

Expressions Dolls™ come in two size, 16” and 12” in length, and include two pairs of eyes and two kinds of mouths. There is a sewn-on backpack on each Expressions Doll™ to store the pair of eyes and mouth that is not in use. The skirt is removable in both sizes but only the shoes on the 16” dolls are removable as well. With the customization option, one can choose features like skin tone, hair color, types of eyes and mouths from the company’s entire collection.

The Expressions Dolls™ Collection is suitable for children ages 3 and up and the number of facial expressions they can make on these dolls depends on their imagination. Made from the finest fabrics and wool blend felts, these cloth dolls are huggable and can be taken along everywhere. Grace Cheung Izquierdo, founder and mother of two girls, states, “I’m excited to introduce our Expressions Dolls™ to children so they can learn about different moods and emotions in a new way, as well as giving them an outlet to share their own feelings through our dolls!”

Formed in late 2014, Jessica Dolls™ LLC was created to offer handmade cloth dolls that are fun as well as educational. Jessica Dolls™ LLC is a privately held company based in Peoria, Arizona. For more information, please visit the company’s website at, Twitter profile at, Facebook fan page at, and Instagram profile at


Handmade Cloth Dolls That Are As Expressive As Your Children!