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arden, sally, and quinny

Three beautiful girls making their way back to our shop tonight!!  We are super happy to have these gals back as they have been missed by lots of folks!  They all come back with different outfits but their personalities are the same.  😉  They are all Expressions Dolls™ where you can change their eyes and mouth to make various facial expressions!  Little ones are all over are having so much fun with our Expressions Dolls™ and making super funny faces!

Arden is 16″:
"Arden" | Jessica Dolls™Quinny & Sally are 12″: "Quinny" | Jessica Dolls™"Sally" | Jessica Dolls™

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new single cuties

Guess what?  Now Cutie Dolls™ are available individually instead of a set of two!  We are so happy to provide this option to our customers now!  Just like the sets of 2, these single Cutie Dolls™ can be customized with your choice of skin tone, hair color, facial expression to be embroidered, and fabric placement.  Our new Cutie Dolls™ are Emma, Rosie, Stella and Coco!  They all have different hair styles and fun fabrics to choose from.  You can always tell me in the order notes if you want a different hair style if you like a particular fabric but didn’t want that doll’s fabrics.  We are certainly flexible!  🙂

I hope you like these little beauties:

"Emma" | Jessica Dolls™ "Rosie" | Jessica Dolls™






"Stella" | Jessica Dolls™ "Coco" | Jessica Dolls™





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hope returns and new accessories

We are certainly excited to introduce Hope again in a different light!  She’s now upgraded from her first outfit into a “Glam” outfit as now she’s part of our Glam Expressions Dolls™!  She sparkles so much with her sequins body, light pink glittered tutu, and gold ballet shoe laces!!  She also comes with an extra skirt and Mary Jane shoes for when she’s off the dance floor!  Check her out here with all her other glam friends:

"Hope" | Jessica Dolls™ "Hope" | Jessica Dolls™

We also added lots of new accessories so you can make your doll to have different looks!  These are the new things in our Accessories section:

  • Tutu – you can pick from glittered or non-glitter tulle.
  • Ballet shoes – fun ballet shoes are a great way to glam up your doll.
  • Custom skirts – let me choose different fabrics for YOUR specific doll, this is the best way to match extra skirts with your doll.
  • Skirts with Gold Accents – preselected skirts that you can purchase right away.
  • Mary Jane shoes – girls need more than one pair of shoes right?

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