new single cuties

Guess what?  Now Cutie Dolls™ are available individually instead of a set of two!  We are so happy to provide this option to our customers now!  Just like the sets of 2, these single Cutie Dolls™ can be customized with your choice of skin tone, hair color, facial expression to be embroidered, and fabric placement.  Our new Cutie Dolls™ are Emma, Rosie, Stella and Coco!  They all have different hair styles and fun fabrics to choose from.  You can always tell me in the order notes if you want a different hair style if you like a particular fabric but didn’t want that doll’s fabrics.  We are certainly flexible!  🙂

I hope you like these little beauties:

"Emma" | Jessica Dolls™ "Rosie" | Jessica Dolls™






"Stella" | Jessica Dolls™ "Coco" | Jessica Dolls™





Happy Shopping!

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